Textile Study Group w/ Ismini Samanidou

January 28, 2013

If you haven’t attended a Textile Study Group at HandMade in America, they happen on the third Wednesday of every month. On January 16, the group had an amazing turnout. The room was so packed that we had to borrow chairs from people’s offices! Ismini Saminidou, a wildly accomplished textile artist and designer, gave a lecture at the last meeting and presented on the exhibition she currently has up at The Center for Craft Creativity & Design. The exhibition is called Topography: recording place–mapping surface. In her Artist’s Statement, Ismini says, “I am particularly interested in the construction methods of woven fabrics, and the way that textiles can exist within a space. Narrative is a strong element in the work and often the weaving relates to a particular place, becoming a site-specific piece. The collaborative works extend my practice through conversations about materials and processes.”

The lecture was as inspiring as it was informational and I can’t wait to go see the works in person in Hendersonville. We were able to get the lecture on video, and it will be posted on the Members-only page soon. Stay posted for news about when it goes up!

To learn more about Ismini, you can visit her website HERE

To learn more about the Textile Study Group at HandMade in America the 3rd Wednesday of every month, visit the LOCAL CLOTH Facebook page…


See you at The Center for Creativity, Craft and Design…


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