Craft Lab at HandMade in America Tomorrow!

August 13, 2012

Our Executive Director, Gwynne Rukenbrod is going to be teaching Best Practices for Artists tomorrow from 6-8pm here at HandMade. If you have never hear Gwynne speak, then you are really missing out.  I have lamented for many years that I didn’t have a true mentor in the world of Art and Business. Now that I am at HandMade and work for Gwynne, I have found a strong woman who is a mentor and role model.  I will be attending the Craft Lab to learn from her, and I hope that you come and join too.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. Every person in her last Craft Lab checked the “Very Useful the Me” box on the evaluation. The participants said, “Very glad I attended” and “Face pace, not boring. The presenter knew everything we needed.” One person even said it could be improved by “Being Longer.”  I know this sounds like shameless self-promotion, but I think it’s important for our members to know what a great resource they have and how your chances of success can be greatly improved by taking advantage of Craft Labs. In this economy, a crafter can’t just have good work at their craft anymore. It takes time, education, and business know how. Come let us help you and your business!

Gwynne Rukenbrod, My Mentor and Role Model

Gwynne’s accomplishments include being the Curator of Fine Craft at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, a nonprofit founded to advance education about he process, product, and history fo craft, from 2007-2010.  She is an accomplished glass artist, but has also served as Exe. Dir. of the International Society of Glass and Beadmakers, Art Curator of The Works, and the Director of the Short North Neighborhood Foundation.  Gwynne currently serves on various boards including, Energy Exchange, Blue Ridge National Heritage Area, the Public Art and Cultural Commission for the City of Asheville, American Made Alliance and the World Craft Council of North America.


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