In Our Own Words: Language as Craft

February 3, 2012

Unique Inspiration for Craft

HandMade in America Presents a Display of Verbal Expression through Craft 

In Our Own Words: Language as Craft Exhibition

February 13- May 4, 2012

Artists describe their finished works with carefully selected language, but can craft depict our language when the words to describe it are chosen before the act of physical expression?  Inspiration was found, by a community of local WNC artists, by asking just that. HandMade in America is excited to present a collection with a distinctly different artistic process. In Our Own Words: Language as Craft features eleven local craft artists that will each share the results of this creative experiment at Handmade in America February 13 through May 4, 2012.

In a reversal of the usual process of making an object and then explaining it in words, a personally-resonant word was first chosen by each artist as the impetus for the making of an object. “We find not the phrasing to describe our work, but rather the craft to depict our language”, says one of the artists.  From fine furniture and woven sculpture to exquisitely created wall pieces, In Our Own Words is a playful exhibit with visual, verbiage and vital messages.

Opening Reception will be held Friday February 17 from 5:30 – 8 pm at HandMade in America offices at 125 South Lexington Avenue, Suite 101, beside Storm Restaurant. Please plan to join us as we continue to support craft artists living in WNC.

Here is a sneak peek of some words and definitions that inspired a few of the exhibit’s pieces

"Inspiration"by Fatie Atkinson and Wayne Fowler

Inspiration: [in-spuh-rey-shuhn] stimulation to do creative work: stimulation for the human mind to creative thought or to the making of art.

"Unfettered" by Caryl Brt

Unfettered: [uhn-fet-er] to release from fetters. to free from restraint; liberate.

"Disclosure" by Melissa and Yvonne Engle

Disclosure: [dih-skloh-zher] To make known; reveal or uncover: allow to be seen; lay open to view: open up or unfold. 

"Fire" by Susan Link

Fire: [fahyuhr] 1. kindle, ignite 2. stir,enliven (the imagination)


Talk to the artists and get their explanations and perspectives at the Opening Reception Friday February 17th, 5:30-8pm.  See you soon!


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