Farm to Fashion

December 7, 2011

Take a look at the tag on your winter wool coat. Does it say where the wool came from? What type of sheep it was or who raised the animal? HandMade in America illustrates the fashions and home furnishings available from local textiles in Farm to Fashion, an exhibition on display from November 28 to January 25 at the HandMade in America offices at 125 South Lexington Avenue, Suite 101, beside Storm Restaurant.

There are at least 5000 fiber animals on over 500 small farms in Western North Carolina.  There are more than 400 fiber artists in the region. The Southeastern Annual Fiber Fair attracts upwards of 8000 visitors to the Agriculture Center each year.  Western North Carolina has the resources- now it’s time to spread the word. A response from the local textile survey sums up the excitement for local textiles:  “LOVE textiles and fiber art!  I would love to wear ‘art’.  Hope fiber art and textiles come in a big way to Asheville!”

Fiber farmers, custom mills and textile artists are ready to spread the word about the regional fiber economy by encouraging you to buy clothes and home furnishings that are locally raised and produced.  Learn more about local textiles at the Farm to Fashion opening reception on December 16 from 5-8:30 with a special screening of “Farm to Fashion” at 6pm and 7pm; a documentary produced by film students at Western Carolina University.


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