Intrepreting the Cup: Interview with Jason Bige Burnett

November 11, 2011

Interpreting the Cup: Process, Influence and Intent is inspired by how cups are a more simple way to execute an idea. Exhibition curator, Jason Bige Burnett wrote a personal letter to each artist about what inspired their work, whether it is where they got the clay, the process of making the cup and what inspired them. His response was huge and the exhibition accepted work by over 80 artists with a range of work that displays from functional to conceptual, sculptural to figurative. The show at Crimson Laurel opened on November 5 and will be on display through December 31 at their gallery in Bakersville, NC (a HandMade Small Town). It can also be viewed on line here.

Jason Bige Burnett is the curator of this show and he has a passion for ceramics that came through vibrantly as I was asking him about how he came to be where he is today. He studied Ceramics and Printmaking at Western Kentucky University and spent two years as a core fellow at Penland School of Crafts, a program that allowed him to immerse himself in the studio and assist in classes.

His first time in North Carolina was when he came to Penland, and he fell in love with the down home environment of Mitchell County and the entire region.

Jason has hopes to continue on to graduate school in ceramics to continue to immerse himself in his passion. I asked where he would like to go, and he wasn’t ready to answer it, but was sure that he “hopes to call Western North Carolina the home he comes back to…calling Western North Carolina home just feels right”


Crimson Laurel Gallery

Jason Bige Burnett


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