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October 17, 2011

Buying Local: The Multiplier

Local economic activity has been an interest of mine throughout college and it has an impact of what companies I support and the products I buy. There are all kinds of advertisements that champion “Buy Local” but why should you, other than to say it was bought by a local merchant? Your purchase of a locally sourced and made item not only supports the maker, but area suppliers and extends the life of the Multiplier.
Local businesses offer an incentive to the area’s economy which organizations outsourcing their inputs, outputs, or are headquartered in different regions cannot; locally owned organizations are able to increase the multiplier of each dollar. In simple terms, the multiplier is the amount of times a dollar invested will be turned around for another’s investment. For example, a dollar a locally owned business pays to a local supplier, who now has to make more of supplies and will reinvest that dollar to hire a new employee. The newly hired employee will then potentially have some extra income to reinvest as a consumer purchase. This cycle can continue in the community if the organizations and consumers maintain a local mindset, creating increased tax revenue, employment and involvement in your community.

One of my favorite books, Small Mart Revolution describes it in a understandable way:

“Buy a radio down the block, the multiplier is high; buy it ten miles away, the multiplier weakens; buy it mail order and your community gets practically no multiplier whatsoever”

Simply put, buying locally helps and supports the community you know and love! Why wouldn’t you?

Think about how you can support the local economy this holiday season. Instead of buying all of your presents from a big-box retailer, try buying some from local craft artists. The Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands is this weekend, October 20-23 at the Asheville Civic Center, and offers a ton of great gift ideas.

Leave a comment on this blog post about your HandMade holiday gift giving ideas and one lucky winner will receive 2 VIP Passes to the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands this weekend! Winners will be announced on Thursday.




2 Responses to “Buy HandMade!”

  1. Adam G Thomson, III Says:

    The concept of buying locally at the upcoming Craft Show in Asheville this weekend is a good one. Keeping it real, closer to home and allowing your Xmas shopping to reflect your support of the local craft community is a sound one.

    Being as aspiring woodworking crafter I appreciate your reminding us to buy our Xmas gifts at an event and cause that supports the local craft community. Thanks for the reminder.

    Adam Thomson
    Hurricane Andrew Wood Products, Incorporated
    Canton, NC

  2. katie Says:

    HandMade Holiday Gift Giving Ideas: The best gifts I’ve ever received are those handmade, it doesn’t matter what, how simple or how elaborate. From a perfect bead made in the River Arts district to a journal bound just for me by a friend, the gifts made by hand have the most heart. Knowing someone put his or her energy into making something unique and special is a far more meaningful gift than anything made in bulk purchased from the SuperMegaMondoMart.

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